VR is about to be Great!

Demoed all three new VR HMD setups during GDC2016. PS4 VR was physically user friendly, but has a slightly lower image quality compared to the new Rift & Vive VR. No doubt tweaked for cost and PS4 compatibility. That aside Sony’s VR games are really good by design, I like the party games the most. I demoed the new Oculus Rift with with Eve Valkyrie and it was extremely smooth with less latency than PlayStation VR. I had no motion sickness because they gradually fluctuate the acceleration very discretely in the game. I was spinning all over the place with no problem. I then got to try the Vive in the back room of a bar, with some very interesting guy also putting a haptics vest on me. It ran smooth as hell, and had some really fancy audio. Turns out I got lucky, because this guy has 20 Years experience in VR in the military. All three experiences were VR by design and all of the software and hardware is the real deal now. No more shoehorned experiences tossed in VR, no more motion sick based first experiences, Everything is smoothly 1 to 1. It’s all gonna be great. I also got to see a planetarium movie inside mobile VR made by a local University. The 3D movie illustrated the recent satellite landing on the comet.

It’s been almost 3 years since I started researching & programming VR related Graphics back with the Rift DK1. And now it’s about to get huge. I’m set to get some Multi GPU going for VR soon.

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